How To: Filling Cremation Jewelry

How to Fill and Seal a Cremation Jewelry Pendant

Please read all instructions carefully before filling your jewelry.

1. Locate the pendant opening. Depending on the piece, this can be the bail itself (the loop that the chain goes through) or a small, square screw somewhere on the pendant.  If your piece has a screw, we will provide a screwdriver for you to use.

cremation jewelry pendants shown with screw opening

2. Unscrew the screw and place the provided funnel into the opening.

3. Fill your piece about 90% full, making sure to leave room to replace the screw. A toothpick can help guide the remains into the opening.

4. Sealant is not necessary as all of our precious metal cremation jewelry pendants and rings have a black rubber gasket on the threaded screw making them air and water tight. However, it's always a good idea to permanently seal your jewelry if you don't plan to open it again in the future.

5. When replacing the screw on pendants with a threaded bail, pay close attention to the position of the bail, so the pendant will hang correctly on the chain.

Please note that the sealant will dry quickly. If it dries before rethreading, it will not thread properly. If this occurs, soak the screw in acetone (fingernail polish remover) to remove the sealant and try again. We recommend waiting 24 hours before wearing your pendant to ensure the pendant has been completely sealed.